About Backtest Partners

Backtest Partners is a passionate group of cryptocurrency geeks. We come from different countries, and day jobs, and different walks of life: business, finance, day trading, data science, and software development.

We are united by a common cause: doing our part to grow and support the amazing community of pioneers, thinkers, and plucky newcomers, who have the GRIT to be on this cryptocurrency bus for the long haul, no matter how crazy the ride may get!

Our passion project is Backtest Partners Ultimate (BPU), the world’s most powerful cryptocurrency trading strategy backtesting tool, integrating TradingView charting and ProfitTrailer automation.

We also create exclusive trainings, market analysis and strategy development content for our growing community of amazing Patrons, on our Patreon page at https:/patreon.com/backtestpartners/

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey.

To Our Success!
The Backtest Partners Team

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